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Volleyball Quiz Multiple Choice: 1 A ball is hit with great force into the opponent’s court. What is this called? a. dink b. serve c. set d. spike 2. If a ball is not hit on a block, how many times may a team contact a ball before it must go over the net? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 3. How many players are on the court for each team? a.

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A. This is a legal play, so play would continue. B. Backrow players are not allowed to attack the ball infront of the 3-meter line. C. The play is legal as long as the setter is jump setting. D. Only legal if the three front row players are unable to attack the ball. 9.

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Volleyball is kind of like tennis except this sport does not need rackets and has a total of six players on each team, and they hit the ball with their hands and not rackets. This game was invented back in the 1800s and has evolved throughout the years. How much do you know about the game? Take the test below and get to find out.


MULTIPLE CHOICE VOLLEYBALL QUESTIONS 1. What is the highest governing body for the game volleyball? a) AAU b) NGB c) YMCA d) FIVB 2. _____ is the axis of the centre line divides the playing court into two equal court. a) Attack Line b) Centre Line c) Boundary Line d) Playing Area 3. The post is placed in the distance of how many meters.

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Multiple Choice. This quiz reviews some of the topics in this chapter. The answer choices are randomized, so the quiz will be different every time you take it. For each question, select the button next to the answer you believe is correct. When you are done, click "Submit for Grade" in order to see how well you did. This activity contains 19 ...

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Trivia Quiz Test – 1 Multiple Choice Questions and Answers - q4quiz MCQ multiple choice questions and answers on Volleyball Trivia Quiz. How well you know field Volleyball game in sports, lets take the quiz on Volleyball quizzes, general knowledge GK question answer Page 7 Volleyball Trivia Quiz | How well you know Volleyball MCQ ...

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Home General Knowledge 100 Quiz On Sports: Multiple Choice For Competitive Exams. 100 Quiz On Sports: Multiple Choice For Competitive Exams ... Volleyball b) Tennis c ...

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US Sport Quiz. Free online US sport trivia test... Fun multiple choice general US sport quiz... Do the quiz and check your knowledge of American sport... Volleyball Quiz. Volleyball Quiz Questions and Answers. Try this amazing Volleyball Trivia Quiz.

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Multiple choice review questions for Midterm 2. Multiple choice review questions for Midterm 2 MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. Filesize: 350 KB; Language: English; Published: November 26, 2015; Viewed: 2,861 times