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However, what makes a sport truly dangerous is the likelihood that an injury will happen. When comparing the two immensely popular sports of American Football and International Futball (soccer), it is clear that soccer players sustain more injuries than footballers.

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And the most dangerous part of soccer is the concussions,” Coach Charles Havins said. Head athletic trainer Scott Mason sees players from both football and soccer. “I see more kids for football than I do for soccer. The injuries range from concussions to ankle injuries,” he said. But Mason had an opinion on what sport is the dangerous.

Most Dangerous Sports — The Top 8 That Might Surprise You

Interestingly, studies show that soccer is more risky than surfing, a sport that the public believes to be one of the most dangerous. Cycling. Although the public focuses a lot of attention on the dangers of head injuries in football, cycling actually outranks football as the leading sport for head injuries.

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I am an athletic director at a small middle school and I see the numbers of football in our area dropping. I would love to find more research at the youth level that looks at football vs soccer. Especially with the new tackling techniques in youth football.

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Players push, block and tackle one another and the flow of the sport is play-by-play. However, football players are not in constant motion throughout a game. Injuries in Soccer. In 2011, the Bleacher Report ranked soccer at sixth place in the top 10 most dangerous sports.

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Soccer players like a lot more the contact and that characteristic roughness for the ball than basketball players. Saying this, I wouldn’t qualify none of the two to be super dangerous sports. American Football vs Soccer. American football has an injury rate of 8.1 injuries per every thousand athlete exposures. There were 41,000 injuries from ...

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A sport known for its riots more than its players, soccer is a dangerous sport for many reasons. Soccer may not be a contact sport, per se, but it has plenty of contact resulting in bodily harm ...

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Which Is More Dangerous, Rugby or Football? ... Also, soccer is two hours vs 3.5 hours for an NFL game. Most of NFL is standing around. Bruce doesn’t like how the NFL overvalues quarterbacks: