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Nari | Soccer Spirits Wiki | Fandom

According to the Soccer Spirits art book, Nari is 19 years old. Etymology Nari, also spelled Naree, is a Korean feminine given name. Unlike most Korean names, which are composed of two Sino-Korean roots each written with one hanja, "Nari" is an indigenous Korean name: a single word meaning "lily". References

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Semiweekly Player Discussion & Guide: Nari (February 2017 ...

Nari wanted to be an intergalactic idol, but somehow she became a soccer player. She mixes her dancing skills with soccer, which enables her to make swift fancy moves. Her biggest fear is getting injured.

Scouted Nari .... should I get her ? : soccerspirits

Rudy gives +208 +spirit, i think, extra while nari gives +400 (+) and on top of that extra crit chance. Not to mention with Artistic Soccer Nari passes give spirit, too. Nari is just better on all fronts, you may have a max superb Rudy but Nari has a 7* evolution and crit rate on her active pass.

Nari, where art thou? : soccerspirits

Nari, where art thou? I've been sitting on ~1800 GP for half a week now, scouting for someone good to recruit. Seeing as how I'm running a rainbow deck (with Beatrice as a striker) and don't really have a good assister at the moment Nari would definitely be the guy for the job...

Nabi | Soccer Spirits Wiki | Fandom

Nabi. A girl that possesses unbelievable talent when it comes to soccer. Her talents started to show when she was a little girl and her family decided to move abroad to a place where she could expand her wings the most. During middle school, she was a star in the European league.

Nari or Neraizel : soccerspirits

nari have less pass effect than neza but nari is a spirit battery also she regain action every time she is hit and have crit buff meanwhile neza have insane reflex for a 6 so if she ever get a 7 be sure she gonna steal balls like crazy also her active only cost .5 cuz it regain spirit instead of giving buff , keep in mid if u playing kirin his main position is where nari gain bonus position so both of them have pros and cons but if u playing with kirin maybe neza is a better option for your team

Soccer Spirits : Soccer Spirits Tip : What is good card ...

She called Nari God in korea. There is no comparison target. What ever your Attribute, Nari is the best choice. Rating : 6 / 5. Whirlwind. Neraizel. She is the main assistor of Whirlwind. She is good assistor to Whirlwind deck. but It's only flaw that active pass effect is recovering spirit. If you use 2spirit Striker.